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A Complete Guide to Hudson Yards Vessel NYC

Are you living in the New York City? Then you must have certainly heard about Hudson Yards, which is a massive complex being developed in far western side. Since Rockefeller centre, this is one of the massive developments in Manhattan and also a very expensive real estate project that is taking place. This $25 billion worth of project will have public plazas, gleaming skyscrapers, restaurants, shopping complexes and much more. In this article we shall briefly touch upon the salient features about the project.

The project will open in 2 phases. In the first phase, which is likely to complete by March 2019, there will be number of high-rise buildings and among them there will be few residence accommodations too. In the second phase, there will be waterfront parks, more towers, public schools etc.

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Key buildings and structures at Hudson Yards

Following will be constructed very shortly for which construction work has already started and within first quarter of 2019, it is likely to complete.

  1. Office and residential towers

Office building will be the tallest building structure with 100 floor building at 30, Hudson Yards and the observation deck will be at the top floor. Residential building will be located at 35, Hudson Yards, where there will be condos, fitness club, swimming pool, screening room, rooftop lounge. Residents can have view of Hudson river from their residence. Another office tower has already been built which will open soon at 50 and 55 Hudson Yards.

  1. The shed

The attraction of Hudson Yards will be the shed which will include a non-profit cultural centre. That structure will have a retractable glass roof with the latest state-of-the-art technology. There will be little bit of almost everything from various art installation to rotating exhibits, concert hall for cultural events.  

  1. The vessel

This is another addition in the complex with 150-foot-high tall bronzed steel-and-concrete structure which has been designed by a British designer that will have interlocking staircases. One can climb 2,500 steps to get bird’s eye-view of the whole complex.

  1. Retail outlets

There will be top shopping complexes in Hudson Yards with 720,000 leasable square feet area. All the biggest brands of the country will have their retail outlets at this location.

  1. Dining options

You can’t think of such a huge complex without any facility for dining. There will be few restaurants of biggest brands located over here

  1. Hotels

Hudson yards will also create a facility of 200-room hotel facility in 35 Hudson Yards. The same building will also have fitness centre and full-service spa too.

How to Get to Hudson YardsIf you want to reach Hudson Yards through public transport, then you must take 7 train which was further extended from Time square to the new entrance on 35th street. The station is on northern end of 34th street. You can also travel through M34 bus which will take you to 34th street which is near Hudson Yard.