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The Three Stages of Video Production

Video production can be defined as the process of planning, actual video shooting and then putting the raw footages together to form a continuous story that one can understand when watching; generally it can be referred to as the process involves in producing a video using a digital camera. Since it is a process it means that there are steps that have to be followed in order for the video production to be successful. This is what is referred in this field as the stages of the video production process. They are just three and namely pre production stage, production stage and lastly the post production stage. The three stages are very important and one cannot afford to skip any of them. A description of the three stages is as following.

The pre production stage is the first stage of video production. Just like the name suggests it is the stage that comes before the production stage. This stage involves planning for the production stage. It also involves drawing the plans that will see the entire vide production until the last stage. The team behind all of this at this stage is only the crew members. They include the script writer, story board artist and the producers. Here the script is chosen, the executive producers work on the budget and the story board of the video is drawn. This will just be to help prepare the production stage to run smoothly.

Production stage is the stage that comes second in video production process. This is where the actual production is done which is the video shooting. It involves the crew and actors going to the field to do dome recording of the video. The locations will have sets that the set designer will work in. Of all the stages it is the one that is usually the most demanding and involving. It usually needs a lot of time of even years to complete it. In addition it is the stage that has got very many people involves but the one who is always in charge here is the director. He will give all the orders and directions to be followed by the cast and the crew members.

The third and last stage of video production is known as the post production stage. This stage follows the production stage. This is the stage that has got the least number of people involves and they are the editor, the director and the producer. It is generally where all the raw footages are collected, selected and put together to form a film. It is also the work of the editor to work on the quality of lighting and sound, add some special effect and even do dome color grading on the video hence they are the ones who will do the finishing.

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